Getting started

Getting Started

The financial market can seem complex and perhaps menacing for a new comer. We at youtradeFX believe it is our job to prepare you in every way possible and assist you in becoming a successful trader.


For starters, you can learn about the Forex market by viewing our in depth instruction videos,
reviewing our FAQs (frequently asked questions) and reading our Forex glossary. You will discover how the financial market works as well as how to read graphs, when to open a trading position and when to close it, how to develop the best trading strategy for you and much more.


You can start trading lightly by opening a mini account. Put your education to practice and experience firsthand how to maneuver in a market that has a daily turnover of over 3 trillion dollars. Our personal coaches are available to support you during this critical stage of your first account opening and can offer you a bonus of up to $2500!

If you are not ready to open a live account, receive up to $50,000 in your demo account and get all the extra practice you need.


Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us 24/6 by chat, email, Skype or phone.

Your gain is our goal, so join us today and see what youtradeFX can offer you!
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