Social Trading.
The innovative choice for beginners and experts alike!

The internet has brought the world closer together, and this holds true for trading and investment possibilities. A new and exciting way to profit with and from fellow traders is Social Trading. Social Trading connects you with traders of all levels from all over the world. This innovative technology links traders into one huge network. By connecting traders, Social Trading allows and encourages traders to learn skills from one another, share trading tips and much more.
The virtual financial trading community is continually developing. Social Trading allows you to access the boundless opportunities of the youtradeFX trading community. Social trading has many advantages for all trading styles.

Some of the dynamic advantages of Social Trading are:
  • Learn from the top traders
  • Teach the newbies
  • Share tips and profit when the experts do
  • Receive knowledgeable feedback on trading strategies

Social Trading. Easy to profit.

Depending on your level of expertise, youtradeFX’s social trading network works to your advantage. Whatever your trading investment goals or style, social trading will enhance your trading experience.


Bringing you live trading feeds is what makes Social Trading beneficial. You can simply view what your fellow investors are trading at any given time. As we well know, the more information you have at your fingertips, the more power you have, and staying informed about fellow traders’ activities gives you invaluable insight into market trends, innovative strategies and investment options.


When you come across a trader that you are impressed with, you can copy them. Simple as that!
In the live trading feed, trades that have just been opened and pending orders that have just been placed, have a "COPY" button next to them. Clicking this button will open the same trade in your account in the current market price. It is up to your control how much you want to invest in any particular trading opportunity.

Coming Soon!

The Follow Feature:
- Follow the expert traders of your choice to learn how they tick.
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