The Guardian Angel


Your Personalized Trading Support & Notification System


The Guardian Angel is a new addition to the youtradeFX tradering platform. Its automated professional guidance system works in real time to provide you with vital and useful feedback about your trading habits and how they relate to the live market. This innovative tool offers real-time advice to support the customer’s investment style and preferences.


Here are but a few of the advantages this system can offer:

  • Money & Risk management
  • Live market notifications
  • Stop loss policy
  • Progress and regression in performance
  • Margin alerts
  • Changes in market volatility


The system is offered FREE of charge.

LIVE account clients will be able to use all available features
DEMO account clients will only receive live market notifications

The Guardian Angel is an added advantage whose entire purpose is to help you be a more sensitive and experienced trader. Using the Guardian Angel can help you become a successful trader.

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