We charge $0.01 commission per share, with a minimum commission of $1.50.


For instance, on 100 shares, would pay a commission of $1.50; on 200 shares, your commission due will be $2; on 500 shares, you will be charged $5 as a commission.


Note: The above rates are exclusive of ECN and SEC fees charges that will be charged additionally.



On options, we charge a $5 commission per ticket plus $2 per contract regardless of direction.

For instance, On the first option, our commission charged is $5; on 4 contracts, the amount works is  $13; on 10 contracts, you have to pay $25, as commission.



Unlimited shares:


We charge $9.95 for each trade;


On ACRA odd lot orders, comprising less than 100 shares per order:

We charge $0.03 commission per share, with a minimum commission of $1.50.




When you remove liquidity, ECN charges of +-$0.0033 per share will apply


When you add liquidity, ECN charges of+- $0.002 per share will apply     


Note: Changes to ECNs and Market Makers Fees can take place without prior notice.


Commissions on Money Deposits:

(a) We convert amounts deposited to dollars, at the ongoing selling exchange rate, and charge $15 for a transfer commission.


Commissions on Money Withdrawals:

We convert amounts withdrawn, at the ongoing buying exchange rate, and charge $30 in the form of a transfer commission.



Interest on the Overnight Holding of Shares through Leverage:

We charge an interest rate of9.5% per annum. This works out to 0.0026% daily, on overnight holding of shares through leverage. This applies if the transaction exceeds a ratio of 1:1 but does not exceed 1:2.

When the holding exceeds a ratio of 1:2, we charge an additional penalty of 0.5% per dollar, over 1:2 leverage allowed.



Minimum Requirement in a Cash Account:

An account must not be less than $500; we will close such accounts as well as any open positions in such accounts.If the amount in an account is less than $25,000, the account will be denominated as a cash account. Cash accounts will not be eligible for any leverage and must maintain a 1:1 ratio at all times. 


Fixed Price YouTrader

At YouTrader, we charge a flat rate. We base all commissions and charges on the volume of business that you do as a stock trader.


VIP Commission

Depending on the volume of trades you do with You Trade, your account can be denominated as a VIP account. We will then charge you a VIP Commission rate, which would be substantially less than the normal rate we charge non-VIP customers.  Please contact us for more information on this.




Trading of Options:

On expiration date of an option, a trader who is “in the money” is required to close the above-mentioned position at the latest by 12:00 noon US time. If this does not occur, your trade will close the position after 12:00 noon, without regard of the market price of the share.

No trading of options on margin is allowed. The trading must strictly be done by using the cash in the account.


Miscellaneous Fees

YouTrader offers the following services free of charge:

ACAT Incoming Transfer, Addition of a Username, Check Request (Standard) Delivery, Change of Orders, DTC Transfer Incoming,  GTC Orders, Internal Journal Transfer, MBTX Advanced Orders, Order Cancellations and Phone Orders.

We charge for miscellaneous services as follows:

  ACAT Transfer Outgoing                                                        $50

  DTC Transfer Outgoing                                                         $25

  SEC Transaction Fee  (per million )                                   $19.20

  Wire Transfer Outgoing (Domestic)                                    $15

  Wire Transfer Outgoing (International)                               $50


Besides the above,  Hard-to-Borrow (HTB) Fee will vary

Note that additional fees can be payable on any equity that you “short. “Equities categorized as "Easy to Borrow" are not automatically exempt from additional fees. While this could change in the future, the shorting of equities categorized as “Hard to Borrow” can attract additional fees of up to 5% per annum. These added charges are calculated on a daily basis and the interest rate is subject to daily variation.

Similar additional charges are subject to be levied on Intra-day locates for stocks that are not on the Easy to Borrow category, with a minimum percentage of 0% or more.

Fees are subject to daily variation and charged in addition to the margin fees applicable to all short positions held overnight.


Note: YouTrader reserves its right to amend its commission charges. The stock exchange levies SEC and TAF charges, and ECN charges are amended, with irregular frequency. You Trade is not liable to give notice of any of the changes, stated above.





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