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As a trader you are looking for a trading platform that allows you to trade effectively on the web. YouTrader system is the perfect answer to your requirements.

Utilizing our system, you can access to the markets directly and will trade stocks and options easily and quickly. You will also have guaranteed assurance of the safety of your data. You will additionally have unlimited access to priceless features of our dynamic system, allowing you to utilize portfolio management tools to facilitate the monitoring of your positions. You will receive access to multiple watch-lists that will ease the tracking of a broad range of equities, while allowing you to sell short, and stay abreast of live market news and detailed profiles of companies. Our system will stream market information to keep you connected to the action, while following the markets in real time and using the most informative charts to analyze indicators.


You will especially enjoy using our system if you plan to manage several accounts. Our system can be customized to allow you to manage several accounts with a single log in. We also have an inbuilt simulator to help you practice using the system, with a virtual portfolio of your own creation, allowing you to watch how your simulated investments are faring. you will particularly value our multi-lingual option that facilitates trading in your nature language. You can also expect, using our system, to receive access to international markets in the near future.


YouTrader trading system benefits from state-of-the-art web technology, ensuring that data is delivered robustly and that you are able to have direct access rapidly. While the system is compatible with our back office system, we can make it work with your current back office software.


Our products are highly customizable and we offer frequent updates to ensure that our clients remain satisfied at all times.

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