Asset Managers

Asset Managers

Our Asset Manager Partnership offers a prime solution for professional traders, brokers or institutions to accrue new customers in the Forex marketplace through a state-of-the-art trading solution. Operational efficiency provided by optimal technology, experienced support, quality systems and customizable products combine to positively drive customer retention and maximize your returns.

Managing a complex portfolio is a challenging, ongoing task. With Managed Accounts at youtradeFX, our professional team helps you select investment strategies and manage them to meet your goals. Our Managed Account Program is based on a combination of automated trading strategies along with expert analysis.

We offer a broad range of investment portfolios in accordance to every investor’s risk aversion preference. These options include automated, manual, safe or aggressive strategies as well as combinations of these tools.

Behind every winning technology lies the human factor, which in our case is a team of professional analysts working alongside the automated tools to address fundamental market concerns. At the youtradeFX Managed Account division, we do not charge any extra fees for our services. Our fees are based solely on your positive returns.

We provide you with a broad range of trading solutions designed to perform and advance client fund management capabilities in accordance to your risk aversion preference.

Our Philosophy
We care about our clients’ success as much as they do. At youtradeFX we only benefit when our clients profit and earn a positive return on their investments

Investment Parameters

•Minimum account size of $100,000 (though we are willing to accommodate certain exceptions in some cases).
•Average yearly return of 42.3%.
•Maximum yearly return of 64.3%.
•Maximum yearly gross decline of 3.52%.
•Ratio of 3.6-to-1 of winning trades to loosing trades.
•Average of earnings per trade to losses per trade of 1.4:1.
•Average winning trade streak of 4 trades.
•Average loosing trade streak of 2 trades.
•Trading is done only on financial instruments which support high liquidity and low commissions.
•Maximum leverage of 1:10 of total open trades to the size of the fund.
•Manual trade operation is not conveyed.
◦In times of major macroeconomic announcements (market can spike)
◦In times of high volatility
•Swing intra-day trading strategies on Daily / 4 Hour / 1 Hour charts.
•Combined average of 25 weekly trades.
•Relatively low average trading volume.
•Regular use of Stop-Loss and Take-Profit in every trade – without exceptions.
◦Low risk tolerance with long term market outlook, and the setting of the stop loss on predetermined parameters
◦The use of trailing stops according to predetermined parameters
◦The placing of stop-loss according to each market’s volatility and price behavior
•The trading robot is embedded within all of the regular stop loss rules.
•An integral part of risk management includes control of trade restrictions based on:
◦Size of the fund
◦Risk exposure (number and volume of open positions)
◦Current and expected market volatility
◦Daily technical and fundamental analysis
◦Other issues
•Price behavior is analyzed in many resolution levels.
•The robot is designed to react to market volatility in split second response according to the ever changing market price.
•There is no fixed parameter in the trading robot. All constraints are subject to the current price volatility.
•If a 20% drop in value occurs, the client will receive a phone call for closer following of his/her account. If a 30% drop in value occurs, there will be a discussion with the account manager on the possibility of closing positions or the ending of trading activity altogether.
•We recommend withdrawing profits once a 10% return level is reached.
•Our professionalism is without compromise, and our performance is second to none.

We are here at your service for every inquiry you may have.

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