Oil and Gold Trading with YouTradeFX

Commodities trading is extremely popular, partly because items like oil and gold are in high demand and partly due to the convenience of online Forex trading with websites like YouTradeFX. We offer competitive spreads and the best margins, so long as you know the basics of commodities trading online. We cannot guarantee that you will always make a windfall with every oil or gold trade with YouTradeFX, but we always offer some of the best prices anywhere for these commodities.

What Affects the Cost of Oil?


There are many factors that affect the cost of oil trading even with us, such as the economy and the laws of supply and demand, which dictate that the greater the demand of an item is, the higher the price becomes to purchase it. In addition, world news also greatly affects the cost of oil per barrel and this fluctuates widely even in a given day. You could see a drastic difference in the price of oil from one trade to the next, and it is important to be aware of the price fluctuations before you make a commodities trade.


Other factors influence the average price of oil too, such as charting patterns and buyer history, but the combination of all factors is the reason for the drastic fluctuations between trades. Some say that trading oil is one of the more difficult commodities to work with for this reason, but at YouTradeFX we work hard to make this commodity as easy to work with as possible—and as lucrative as it can be for you and your clients.

What Affects the Price of Gold?

Precious metals like gold are also in high demand, and the price is constantly being driven upward and plunging downward accordingly. One of the top reasons mentioned by experts for the continued climb of gold prices (especially with YouTradeFX) is that gold used to be prohibited from being owned or traded in some parts of the world, making it more precious to other parts.


This has changed dramatically over the last 30-40 years, and as more countries allow citizens to own or trade gold the demand has steadily and rapidly increased in return. Gold is one of the only commodities that is not likely to drop in price anytime soon either, and predictions state that the price will make another dramatic increase within the next six months, and it is our goal to help you capitalize on this financial opportunity.

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