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Trading Platform – Desktop platform

YouTrader presents a direct access trading system to facilitate access to the fastest order routing system. It is your perfect ally if you are a professional trader. You will especially value the almost instantaneous execution of orders as well as provision of quotes in dynamic, real-time display modes. Not only does our system allow us to outdistance competitors, it also delivers the best value with an irresistible mix of state-of-the-art technology with competitive pricing.


You can utilize the easy-to-use interface of our system to access every feature you need for a successful trade. You can access real time streaming market data, including a list of the top 20 performers on any day. You can also access level II quotes on stocks and opt for the market center of your choice to route your order.


Your order can be one of many, including a stop order, a limit order and a stop-limit order. You could also opt to trade in a number of stocks either buying or selling within a single order. We will keep you constantly informed with our news feed and give you updated market coverage that includes all companies.


At YouTrader, we have devised a system that employs integrated market tools to facilitate keeping track of your account details and monitoring how your trades are progressing while simultaneously keeping an eye on the market.


Our charting tools will enable you to track the performance of a stock in relation to its price, with  historical data going back thirty years.


We have also included an attention drawing feature that will alert you to the right time to buy or sell a stock.


Our system is multi-lingual one. You will find it useful, even if English is not your preferred language. It has a security feature that prevents unauthorized access, since it requires a token encoded with your personal digital certificate to be entered before granting entry.



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