Account Requirements

To open an account with YouTrader, you should fulfill the following conditions:


1. Make a Minimum Deposit of $3,000.


2. You must not be less than 18 years of age.


3. Present the following documents:


(a) Form W-8BEN duly completed, if you're not a US citizen (we provide this in the application form ( .

(b) A copy of your passport, accompanied by your completed application form.

(c) Proof of your residential address -- this can be either be your latest original bank statement or utility bill.


You can open the account by following these steps:


a. Access the appropriate application form by downloading it. Complete it for submission, along with the W8-BEN form, in PDF format.


Forms for residents of: Europe, Africa | Middle East | Asia Pacific: 


b. Get photocopies of your passport or photo ID, and a satisfactory proof of your residential address.


c. Once you have completed your application form, send it along with W8-BEN and photocopied document to:


Europe & Africa Residents:



Contact us at [email protected]

or Tel: +44-203-3183333 Fax: +44-207-7859329

d. After your account is opened, we will mail your log in details.


e. To deposit the necessary amount in your account, send a wire transfer in USD or Euros to (YouTrader, address).


Information Regarding Tax Requirements


Non-US citizens have an exemption from withholding, or a reduced tax withholding rate, on income from investments. To ensure that you receive this exemption or reduction, make sure you mail us a copy of W-8 BEN, along with your account application.


In the event of changes in any information provided, please ensure that we receive your revised W-8BEN Form within 30 days of such changes.



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